Jon Moxley speaks about his match with Minoru Suzuki in NJPW

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Jon Moxley speaks about his match with Minoru Suzuki in NJPW

Jon Moxley was the winner of the 2016 edition of Money in the Bank, which he successfully cashed against Seth Rollins. His reign with the United States Championship, which lasted 351 days (from May 19, 2013 to May 5, 2014), is the third longest in the history of the title (also considering the WCW version) and the longest ever in the WWE version.

During a long interview with Sporting News, he spoke about his match with Minoru Suzuki in NJPW: “I was over the moon, excited for it. lt all just kind of worked out perfectly. A storyline got screwed up a little bit because of weather problems.

I think it all worked out good at that moment at the Tokyo Dome, where he came out, and the crowd was all singing his songs. 50,000 people or how ever many were at the Tokyo Dome. You talk WrestleMania moments, that was a Wrestle Kingdom moment.

To be a part of that was so cool, and I’ve watched him for so many years. I’ve been such a fan of his. I used to study some of these matches like when I was like in CZW. We’re different but so similar. I never thought I’d get a chance to wrestle him.

If I could pick one dream opponent that could be possible it was him. I think everybody wanted to see the match. It’s one of those matchups, and just like we got to put that together and see what happens."