Konan Speaks About Gino Madina and MJF Departing

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Konan Speaks About Gino Madina and MJF Departing

MJF is one of the top heels in All Elite Wrestling. According to many people, All Elite Wrestling is the only promotion that might end up beating WWE one day. AEW has acquired many talented wrestlers ever since they launched.

MJF is one of them. MJF is set to wrestle Cody Rhodes soon. MJF is an extremely talented wrestler. He started working in AEW as a baby face, but he is now a heel. He turned heel after he turned on his best friend, Cody Rhodes after an event.

Konnan is MJF’s former partner. MJF used to work for MLW with Konnan. MJF was part of The Dynasty. Gino Medina has replaced him ever since he started working for AEW. "He's got so much potential from his height to his look.

His dad was a wrestler who actually wrestled with me and the Gringos Locos when it was me, Love Machine and Eddie Guerrero," stated Konnan before noting his name means the "Blood Lust one." "To me, Gino has everything it takes to make it to the next level.

Court's gonna help him a lot. The vets are gonna help him and I'm backstage and gonna help him a lot. But potential is nothing if you don't do anything with it”. If MJF continues to work as hard as he is right now, his future in AEW would be extremely good.