Cody Rhodes on His New Tattoo

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Cody Rhodes on His New Tattoo

Cody Rhodes is one of AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents. He is also one of AEW’s top performers and has already fought some of AEW’s best wrestlers. These days, Cody is carrying a brand new tattoo on his neck.

He revealed the tattoo at AEW Revolution in Chicago. Brandi Rhodes, Cody’s wife, stated that she didn’t like the tattoo. Cody commented on his tattoo recently on Instagram. He also spoke about why he didn’t want to hide the tattoo.

He wrote, "I'm humbled by the run I've been on and the love of the fans. Incredibly lucky man. It was very simple, I wear a lot of brands...I wanted to make sure mine was one of them. And I wasn't hiding it. More details on tomorrow's "Road To Denver"..

- thank you @inkanddaggertattoo @craigbrocktattoo for taking the design and making it a reality." Cody Rhodes is a former WWE wrestler and used to work with his brother Dustin Rhodes when in the promotion. Cody Rhodes quit the WWE as he didn’t like how he was being handled.

Eventually, he met Tony Khan and they started All Elite Wrestling with him. AEW is one of the biggest promotions in the world, even though they are still quite new. They have some of the best former WWE stars working for them. Many people believe that AEW might be able to beat the WWE, as they are doing quite well these days.