Omega On Styles Helping in at NJPW

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Omega On Styles Helping in at NJPW

Kenny Omega and AJ Styles were part of the Bullet Club which was a very popular NJPW group. A version of The Bullet Club exists in the WWE now. Omega spoke to Bleacher Report about AJ Styles helping him during his career in NJPW.

Omega and Styles were part of the Invasion Attack in 2015. Ibushi challenged Styles, and it was Omega that distracted Ibushi, which caused Ibushi the match. Omega revealed that it was Styles that asked the creative team’s head to only let Omega be at ringside during the match.

"I can't take all of the credit. Actually, AJ was a huge driving force. He went to the office and said, 'Please, Gedo [the head of New Japan's creative team], let Kenny be the only guy that comes out. I know Kenny has this thing that he wants to do, so let Kenny have this moment.'

If there were other Bullet Club guys there, it may get lost in the shuffle. He wanted it just to be me, and I think it helped magnify the impact of what happened in the ring and the real emotions." Omega distracted Ibushi by climbing up on the ring apron.

However, he didn’t interfere in the match. That distraction was enough for AJ Styles to hit the Styles Clash on Ibushi. Ibushi couldn’t kick out of the pin that followed the move.