Cody Rhodes on Hangman Page Being a Jobber

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Cody Rhodes on Hangman Page Being a Jobber

Cody Rhodes held a Q and A Session recently. He answered many questions that were asked by fans that day. He answered a question about the Young Bucks and Hangman Page. Hangman and The Young Bucks are fighting each other at AEW and on social media.

The Young bucks fought Kenny Omega and Hangman Page at AEW Revolution. They are all part of The Elite, so basically they are friends. They sat down for an interview with Jim Ross on AEW Dynamite. During that interview, Nick Jackson from The Young Bucks called Page an ROH Jobber.

Cody was asked whether Nick actually crossed the line by making that remark. "People say stuff in the heat of the moment," Cody replied. "Everybody in The Elite has done something for each other and vice versa, it's maybe the only faction in history that really hinges on all of us being linked.

A lot of love between this bunch. A lot." He then spoke about fighting Chris Jericho at Full Gear last year. According to the stipulation, if he lost, he would never be able to fight for the AEW Title again. "In fairness, I thought I'd beat Chris," Cody said.

"I didn't. There's a ton of matches on the table for me to have, and more in gestation coming to mind everyday. It's important that I keep my word on that stipulation."