Ken Shamrock on Bleeding During A Match

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Ken Shamrock on Bleeding During A Match

Ken Shamrock is one of the first UFC fighters to join the WWE full-time. He was one of the pioneers of modern Mixed Martial Arts and is a UFC Hall of Famer. He fought some of the best UFC fighters of all time and recently made his return to professional wrestling.

Ken is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion. He never got to the top of the WWE, but as a heel, he had a huge impact on plenty of important WWE storylines. Ken Shamrock was present during the Attitude Era. He stated that the wrestlers during that time used to go very hard on each other.

He remembered bleeding from his mouth one time. "So, Rock beat the hell out of me and I turn around and beat the hell out of The Rock. Same with Stone Cold. Same with Shawn Michaels. The matches we had with Vader – it was the real deal.

So, when I was coughing up blood, that was no joke. We all, during that time, left our soul, our sweat and our blood in that ring in order for us to come out with that product that we know today as The Attitude Era," stated Shamrock on Ethan Page’s vlog.

Shamrock is not one of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling. Due to his MMA background, people still know about him and that is why he is well recognized.