Marriott in Tampa Area Reports $114,000 in Loses Due to Cancellations

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Marriott in Tampa Area Reports $114,000 in Loses Due to Cancellations

A few wrestlers had to defend the WrestleCon promoters recently. This included AEW star, Chris Jericho. The defense is against Marriott International which was the scheduled host of the WrestleCon 2020 event. It got canceled as the WWE nixed their WrestleMania 36 Week events.

All of those events were going to take place in the Tampa Area. WrestleCon announced that they were forced to cancel all of their events as the WWE canceled all of theirs. The coronavirus pandemic is the reason for that. Promoters stated that the Marriott International were charging them more than $114,000 for “liquidated damages.

Marriott wrote: “I sincerely appreciate your communication today regarding your client, Highspots / WrestleCon 2020 cancellation due to the "Impossibility clause" of our agreement. We are respectfully in disagreement with your client's position.

It is neither illegal nor impossible for "WrestleCon 2020" to occur as previously agreed. I further add that Marriott International's Cancellation and Refund Policy extends exclusion for groups booked during periods with special events restrictions or peak demands.

WrestleCon 2020 is a special event booked over heavy demand dates. Since our hotel is prepared to perform as agreed, your client's cancellation will cause damages to the hotels. The liquidated damages due the hotel is 80% of total revenue owed hotel or $144,202.00” Jericho was one of the first wrestlers that wrote against Marriott. He said that Marriott should be ashamed of themselves for taking this stance amidst this crisis.