Gary Cappetta on Modern Pro-Wrestling Style

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Gary Cappetta on Modern Pro-Wrestling Style

Gary Cappetta started his ring announcer career in 1974. He also received the title of "The world's most dangerous announcer" for his skills. The 67-year-old has been through a number of different eras in the world of professional wrestling.

In the current era, the most popular professional wrestlers are the ones that can fly high and can do aerobatic moves. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is very popular due to this. Cappetta worked as a guest ring announcer a few weeks back on Dynamite.

The Wrestling Epicenter asked him about the high-flying style of All Elite Wrestling. "Well, I keep up with it. I have seen a change in All Elite Wrestling – and this is just a guess on my part – that it is a result of the coaches that they have brought in like Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Bully Gunn, and Dean Malenko," said Cappetta.

"I've seen them get a little bit more grounded. It is not the flying I have a problem within any kind of pro wrestling, it is when people do things that are not logical…” "That is what I don't understand.

I don't get it. If you're trying to bring people into the moment, you wouldn't do something that was illogical in a situation where your goal is to either pin someone or make them submit”. It is true that the traditional catch wrestling moves are no longer a sight to see in most All Elite Wrestling matches. Mat wrestling is still an art, but many have seemed to forget about it.