Chris Jericho reveals who AEW’s most underrated wrestler is

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Chris Jericho reveals who AEW’s most underrated wrestler is

Chris Jericho made his surprise return in the episode of Raw on January 22, 2018 performing a song to Elias and then inserting him on his list. He then returned to the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 9 following entering number 50 and being eliminated by Braun Strowman after three minutes of staying in the ring.

Jericho is the ninth Triple Crown Champion, as well as the fourth Grand Slam Champion in history. In addition, he was the 2008 Superstar of the Year Slammy Award winner and (along with Big Show as Jeri-Show) won the 2009 Tag Team of the Year Slammy Award—making him the only winner of both Superstar and Tag Team of the Year.

He was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame in 2010. In December, The Inner Circle began to attempt to entice Jon Moxley to join the group. On the January 8, 2020 episode of Dynamite, Moxley initially joined the group, however, this was later revealed to be a ruse from Moxley as he attacked Jericho and Sammy Guevara.

Moxley then became the number one contender for Jericho's championship at Revolution on February 29, where Moxley defeated Jericho to win the title, ending Jericho's inaugural AEW World Championship reign at 182 days.

In a long interview with Sportskeeda, Y2J revealed who AEW’s most underrated wrestler is: "I think MJF is a lot like Sammy Guevara, he’s moving up the ladder and he’s doing a great job at 23, 24 years old.

I think Darby Allin’s the same. I think Jungle Boy has a huge upside. I think Scorpio Sky has a huge upside. You haven’t seen hardly anything of Dr. Luther yet and all the stuff that he can do. I think Trent is someone that’s going to be very big for us at a certain point.

Orange Cassidy is very much a cult figure but when people start filling up the arenas again, you’re gonna see him being a lot more popular than he has been. There’s quite a few. I think even with The Inner Circle, Santana, Ortiz, [Jake] Hager, all these guys have grown a lot since we joined forces. The sky is the limit for them”.