Cody Rhodes Deletes Controversial Tweet

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Cody Rhodes Deletes Controversial Tweet

Most of America is under lockdown due to the current pandemic. Many companies went out of business and some suffered huge losses. Even the professional wrestling industry took a massive hit. WWE was forced to hold its shows inside empty arenas.

This of course, has hurt WWE as they are not selling tickets. If WWE did not have an online platform, they would have been in serious trouble. AEW also holds its shows inside empty arenas and they are still doing quite well.

They had to postpone some of their PPV events though. Many people in the US, including politicians, want the lockdown to end so people can return to their normal lives. Cody Rhodes appears to be one of them. He recently made a controversial tweet that has been deleted.

In the post, Cody stated that the lockdown should end and that the US is not a democracy, rather a republic. "The world needs to open back up and end this mass hysteria," Rhodes wrote. "We are not a socialist nation.

We are not a democracy! We are a republic. If we go on any longer with this bulls--t, our economy will be shot and that much harder to kick start. #EndTheShutdown" He continued, "I mean, no doubt we have an epidemic on our hands, and have sustained losses which is sad, but we have to move on with our lives.

Take precautions is fine, but end the shutdown please. I CARE ABOUT HUMAN LIFE, GUYS. Jeeze, take precautions, don't go out if you have a comprised immune system. Wear your masks and social distance. Still open up" This is obviously a very controversial post as the coronavirus is actually quite dangerous and has killed a few people. No vaccine has been created so far and US hasn’t been able to contain the situation either.