Jon Moxley talks about his AEW Revolution injury

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Jon Moxley talks about his AEW Revolution injury

Jon Moxley was the winner of the 2016 edition of Money in the Bank, which he successfully cashed against Seth Rollins. His reign as the United States Champion, which lasted 351 days (from May 19, 2013 to May 5, 2014), is the third longest in the history of the title (also considering the WCW version) and the longest ever in the WWE version.

After signing with WWE in 2011, he took the name Dean Ambrose and competed in their developmental territories Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) and NXT. He joined the main roster in November 2012 as a member of The Shield, alongside Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

In May 2013, Ambrose won his first championship in WWE, the United States Championship, while in the group, with his 351-day reign being the longest under the WWE banner. Following The Shield's breakup in June 2014, Ambrose went on to become a one-time WWE Champion, a three-time Intercontinental Champion, and a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion (with Seth Rollins).

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, he talked about his AEW Revolution injury: “I was screwed up; I headbutted that post really hard. It was terrible. But it was funny too because it was one of the biggest matches of my life to date and it was going pretty good early on.

Everybody sees someone run into a post every single match and it doesn’t even get a reaction out of fans anymore. But this stuff is dangerous and it’s a physical sport. Five minutes into the match I’m like, ‘One of the biggest matches of my life and I headbutt the friggin’ post.’ I feel blood coming out and the familiar feel of h*t blood running into my eyeball but I’ve got an eye patch on so it’s pooling in my eye.

I don’t know how deep this thing is and I don’t want to lose so much blood that I get woozy. So for my own safety, I grabbed a towel from the doctor and tried to put pressure on the wound. Then I got powerbombed onto a table and I’m just laying there thinking, ‘Dude, of all times. The biggest match of my life and I’ve gotta go kill myself.’ So, it was kinda a funny story”.