Jon Moxley on enjoying acting

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Jon Moxley on enjoying acting

On 29th January 2019, WWE communicated, through its official website, that Jon Moxley had decided not to renew his contract expiring in April and therefore would leave the federation on 1 May. In the following weeks, Ambrose returned to behave like a babyface, but suffered numerous defeats against EC3, Drew McIntyre and Elias.

In the episode of Raw on March 4th, he took part in the umpteenth meeting of the Shield together with Seth Rollins and the re-entering Roman Reigns. On May 1st 2019, as anticipated a few months earlier, Dean Ambrose's contract with WWE expired and was not renewed.

On May 25, Moxley made his unannounced debut for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) during their Double or Nothing event, attacking Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and the referee after Jericho and Omega's main event match. Shortly after, it was announced that Moxley had signed a multi-year contract.

From June 2019 onwards, Moxley has made sporadic appearances on several independent promotions such as Northeast Wrestling and Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW). Outside of wrestling, Good made his acting debut as the star of the 2015 action film 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown and will appear in the upcoming action film Cagefighter: Worlds Collide.

During a long interview with Wrestling Inc, Moxley discussed enjoying acting: “As far as acting goes, I’m kinda up for anything. I don’t necessarily consider myself an actor but I’ve got experience as I’ve done an action movie before, a bunch of commercials and wrestling is part acting.

In WWE we said that we were the Navy SEALs of entertainment as we do a little bit of everything – stunts, improv, comedy. It’s not like I’m trying to take over Hollywood and it’s not about how big the part is, but it’s about if it sounds fun or interesting.

Fight choreography is really fun and all of my interests rolled into one. I thought it would be a fun project to work on so I jumped headfirst into it”.