Ryback on XFL’s Bankruptcy and AEW Double or Nothing

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Ryback on XFL’s Bankruptcy and AEW Double or Nothing

Ryback is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion and one of the most powerful wrestlers that WWE had in the past decade. Even though he received a massive push in WWE, he could never gain lots of traction as he was an unsafe wrestler.

In fact, many wrestlers spoke against him including CM Punk. Ryback still speaks against WWE and usually never says anything positive about the company. This time, he went after XFL, which was a football league that was started by Vince McMahon.

The league recently filed for bankruptcy. In the filings, it was revealed that WWE owned 23.5% of the league. Vince McMahon stated that WWE will have absolutely no crossover in previous interviews. Ryback on his podcast stated that Vince is a liar.

"A lot of people I know aren't happy with the way he's going about business right now," Ryback said of McMahon. "This virus is changing things drastically and the bigger you are, the harder you can fall with all of this.

The fact that he's lied doesn't look good. Once you start lying to people, it's really hard to distinguish to people when you are telling the truth or when you're lying to them further. This is opening up a bigger can of worms than even Vince McMahon can handle."

He then spoke about AEW advertising Double or Nothing. Ryback stated that he doesn’t like it but likes the fact that AEW will be listening to the advice of global health authorities. "I'm not happy but I'm glad they're at least taking the lead and taking some time off to sort things out.

I'm hoping that maybe this is a best case scenario. You can go either way with this – they're announcing it but if things are still bad then they cancel it, no harm no foul. Or you can say let's just cancel it right now and if it's looking good then we're gonna do this show still, even if it's not a public show," stated Ryback.