Dustin Rhodes speaks about working as a producer in AEW

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Dustin Rhodes speaks about working as a producer in AEW

Dustin Rhodes has had quite an illustrious career that crisscrossed several pro-wrestling leagues and franchises. To reiterate, he is elder brother (half-brother, if one were to be correct) of Cody Rhodes, a famed wrestler in his own regard, and the elder son of renowned wrestler, the late Dusty Rhodes.

These days, the former Golddust is working as a producer in his younger sibling´s brainchild: the All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Following his retirement from wrestling, he made occasional on-air appearances on WWE television and pay-per-views and worked as a backstage booker and producer in WWE´s NXT developmental territory.

Billed as "the son of a plumber", Rhodes did not have a typical wrestler´s physique; his character was that of the "common man", known for the personality exhibited in his interviews. In an interview with TVInsider, he spoke about working as a producer in AEW: “I call them kids because I’m so much older, but they are my kids.

I treat them like that. I love them and will protect them. It’s amazing to watch backstage all these kids shining bright. They are some talented sons of b****es. They go out and put out some great television every single week … I need to be there.

It’s important that I protect this with my life. It’s a special time. I’m very blessed to be there with the young talent and teach them my knowledge. I sometimes shock myself when I do things where I go, ‘Hey, it didn’t hurt that bad.

I can do it again.’ Stuff I never even thought about trying in the ring was because all these kids. They put their trust in me, and I put my trust in them. That’s the connection we have. It’s bringing a tear to my eye.

There is a huge age difference between my brother and myself. We don’t have a lot in common. He has grown up his way, and we were blessed to tag with each other in WWE. He went off on his own and left. I was stuck there, which is exactly what it was.

He was hungry and had it in him because he is a Rhodes. Our legacy is strong. He has that creative ability and insight not a lot of people know or see. What he does backstage, before the show, and what he puts together before the show – it’s incredible. He has my dad in him 150 percent."