Dasha Kuret to Perform at THe Rock’s Titan Games 2020

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Dasha Kuret to Perform at THe Rock’s Titan Games 2020

AEW just announced that Dasha Kuret will be competing at The Rock’s Titan Games 2020. Dasha was known as Dasha Fuentes in WWE. AEW made the following announcement: "An all-new season of Dwayne '@TheRock' Johnson's competition show.

Season Two of The Titan Games is set to premiere on May 25th, and our very own @DashaKuret is amongst the competitors!," AEW tweeted. She responded by writing, “Another reason why I love @AEWrestling!!! Thank you for all of the love and support ALWAYS!!!

I hope I made y'all proud!!!" The second season of the Titan Games will be held on NBC. it will be a two-hour event and will be held on Monday, the 25th of May. The show will feature some top pro-athletes. They will be called Celebrity Titans.

They will go up against very tough obstacles that will be designed by The Rock himself. The winner of the event will get $100,000. There will be a spot for one male and one female competitor. All of the $100,000 will go to the charity of the celebrity titans win.

At the moment, we have received the names of the following Celebrity Titans. Clarissa Shields, a two time Olympic Gold Medalist and an undisputed boxing champion. Joe Thomas, an NFL Pro Bowler. Victor Cruz, an NFL Super Bowl Champion.

Hannah Tyler, an Olympic Gold Medalist in snowboarding. Jessie Graff, a professional stunt woman. Tyron Woodley, a 5-time UFC Champion. The Rock is going to serve as the host of the event. He is a former WWE Champion. He will also be the course designer.

Robert Stone, an NXT Superstar, competed in the last season of the same event. So this platform will not be something new for professional wrestlers.