Cody Rhodes on Rejected Characters

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Cody Rhodes on Rejected Characters

Cody Rhodes is a very famous former WWE wrestler. He is the son of legendary professional wrestler and promoter, Dusty Rhodes. Cody left WWE a few years ago to return to the indie world. That is where he won a few important titles, including the Ring of Honor World Title.

Eventually, he formed All Elite Wrestling with Tony Khan. He became one of the many executive Vice Presidents of the company. Most of the EVPs of the company are his fellow Elite members. Cody Rhodes also performs in AEW. Some of Cody Rhodes’s characters were rejected by WWE or scraped.

He spoke about working with his father Dusty on The Dan Le Baturd Show. "He made everything work. For me, I went through a phase, before I left WWE, where I was going in on a regular basis to the Performance Center where he worked, and I was doing these projects with him.

And I'm really blessed that I got the chance to do them," Cody said. "None of them got green lit, but there was one based on Tony Stark as kind of a prince in the industry, the opposite of the common man which Dusty was.

"Stardust, when I was doing the Stardust character, I really wanted to have a hairless cat. So my poor dad, he's trying to produce this promo, and I've got this hairless cat in there in the makeup and the glitter.

And he's watching his son just absurd pieces of business, but he was always really helpful. At the end, everything I flew against the wall didn't stick, which the ultimate answer of that was why don't I try being myself and see if that sells any tickets. And that's where I've been fortunate and blessed enough to have the most success."