Sting Going to AEW? Possible Indications!

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Sting Going to AEW? Possible Indications!

Former WWE Professional Wrestling and WCW Legend, Sting might be headed to All Elite Wrestling. Sting is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He was the face of WCW and was the man who went against NWO during their peak period.

He was the one that helped WCW beat WWE RAW multiple times. Recently, Mettel released WWE Legend Series 7 set of action figures. Sting’s action figure was not present in the series, even though we expected the figure to be in the series as announced previously.

Razor Ramon, Greg Valentine, and Bobby Heenan are the other action figures that were released. We do not know why Sting was not included. Mattel did release an official statement "Due to circumstances out of our control Sting needed to be removed from Legends Series 7.

We'll look to include this figure in a future wave if he becomes available to us again." Cody Rhodes, one of AEW’s Executive Vice Presidents responded to this tweet. He posted his signature GIF of cupping his ear which is usually a sign of a potential AEW signing.

Cody also posted an exchange between Sting and Lance Archer which may indicate a deal is about to happen. "Always wanted to step in the ring with @Sting," Archer said. Sting wrote back and said, "That would be something!

[scorpion emoji]" "Just glad to see you getting a much deserved shot in @AEWrestling," Sting wrote. Archer responded, "Thank ya much man! [folded hands emoji]!" All Elite Wrestling might actually sign Sting as he still has a huge fan following and probably would be one of the biggest signings that AEW ever does.