Matt Hardy talks about picking AEW over WWE

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Matt Hardy talks about picking AEW over WWE

During his career, Matt Hardy has achieved great success with WWE, but recently (somewhat surprisingly) he has not renewed the agreement with the Stamford company and has moved to AEW (All Elite Wrestling). During an intervention for the podcast 'The Wrestling Inc.

Daily', Matt explained the reasons for this choice and in particular told what the differences are between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, owners of WWE and AEW respectively.

Matt Hardy on why he chose AEW

This is what he had to say.

"In the last 9 months of WWE, I have received several offers to renew my contract from the company. I was interested, but first I wanted to talk to Vince. I am in the final phase of my career and I preferred to have more creative freedom.

I am satisfied with this choice and, creatively speaking, I want to have a say." Matt then continued: " I don't want to be just a champion, but I want to help young people grow and be a key wrestler for the growth of the entire brand.

Money is not everything, it is important for me to be creative." On the differences between Vince McMahon and Tony Khan, Hardy said, "Vince has worked hard over the years and has become like the Wizard of Oz. He works inside his office and nobody can access it.

If you have to meet him, you have to wait for a very long line. Of course, it is very helpful, but it is also very difficult to reach. Tony is much more open and willing to listen, however, you can call him at any time and he will answer you.

If you have creative ideas, he is willing to listen to you and I think it is really easy to work with him." Matt Hardy has been a top professional in AEW for a month now.