Mike Tyson Appears on All Elite Wrestling TV

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Mike Tyson Appears on All Elite Wrestling TV

In the world of professional wrestling, there have been many crossovers. Professional wrestling is one of the most popular sports entertainment in the world. Many superstars that present in WWE and in some other promotions are household names.

A few WWE superstars have millions of fans in all corners of the world. Many MMA fighters have appeared inside a WWE ring. Some of them were UFC legends. The great Ronda Rousey was also part of WWE and was a full-time wrestler.

She even won the RAW Women’s Title. Recently, the legendary Mike Tyson appeared on All Elite Wrestling to present a title. Mike Tyson has recently gained a lot of attention on social media as he might be making a comeback.

Mike Tyson was one of the most feared boxers in the world at one time and was at one time the youngest Heavyweight Champion in the world. He presented the AEW TNT title to Cody Rhodes. Cody fought Lance Archer for the AEW TNT Title.

He also raised Cody’s hand. Fireworks went off in the building as soon as that happened. Mike was also present during the match at ringside and was somewhat involved in the match as well. He stopped Jake Roberts from throwing a snake into the match.

This may signal a small comeback for Mike Tyson into sports or sports entertainment. It is to be noted that the Title Belt was not finished yet. AEW commentators later stated that the gold plating could not be finished on the belt due to the pandemic.

So we may see a shinier version of the belt in the future. Mike has fought some of the best boxers in the world. He retired many years ago after suffering his last K.O loss.