Brit Baker Knee Injury Update

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Brit Baker Knee Injury Update

Professional wrestling is by no means an easy profession. Most famous professional wrestling promotions may require their full-time wrestlers to wrestle multiple times a week. Those wrestlers hardly get time to rest. Professional wrestlers get injured quite frequently due to this.

Some of them even develop addictions to stuff like painkillers. Many former WWE wrestlers spoke against WWE’s hard schedule after they left the company. All Elite Wrestling is also a very famous professional wrestling promotion that are giving WWE NXT a very tough time.

Their schedule is not as tough as that of WWE. That being said, their wrestler still gets injured a lot during matches and even during training sometimes. An AEW Dynamite episode took place this week. Britt Baker performed during the event and sustained a nasty knee injury that may keep her off TV for a while.

A ringside physician had to tend to her after the match. The injury most likely occurred when Nyla Rose was tossed on top of her during a tag team match. Britt was actually going to wrestle Kris Statlander. Penelope Ford replaced her after Kris was pulled from the event.

Britt actually suffered a proper partial LCL tear. It is a bad injury that takes a while to recover from generally speaking. She also suffered a nterior tibia fracture, and a small tendon tear. AEW did not announce when Britt will return.

We also cannot predict when she will actually be cleared for in-ring competition. Britt was one of the most used AEW female wrestlers. She joined AEW many months ago and was one of the most famous wrestlers to join the promotion.

She is also a very good wrestler and has good promo skills. She was also a very famous indie wrestler before she joined AEW.