Eric Bischoff on Chris Jericho Not Being a Top 5 Heel

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Eric Bischoff on Chris Jericho Not Being a Top 5 Heel

Eric Bischoff knows Chris Jericho very well. Jericho is a part of the massive wrestling promotion called All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Many people believe that AEW might be able to beat Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment one day.

Eric is a former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) President and Chris Jericho worked for WCW under him. Before joining WWE, Jericho was an average wrestler in WCW. Jericho gained popularity after he joined Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

He became their first Undisputed Champion. About a year ago, Jericho left Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to join All Elite Wrestling (AEW). In All Elite Wrestling (AEW), he became one of the top heels in the company.

He was also the company’s first World Champion.

Eric Bischoff's thoughts on Chris Jericho

Despite all the success he has gained in All Elite Wrestling, Bischoff does not think that Jericho is of the top 5 best wrestling heels of the world.

He spoke about this on his podcast. "Here's the disadvantage Chris has in terms of his legacy and being compared to people: the peak of Jericho's career is behind him. Just like the peak of Hulk Hogan's career was in the '80s, doesn't mean he wasn't viable in the '90s, but the very peak of Chris' career was in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment.

That doesn't mean the characters he's reinvented hasn't allowed him to sustain his relevance, but it's going to be hard for Jericho to be remembered for something bigger than the star he was in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment when he was surrounded by guys like The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton, whose star was just as big as his”.

"He certainly deserves a lot of credit for being able to reinvent himself and remain relevant but I don't know if that in itself will put him on that same pedestal with guys like The Rock, Cena and Orton who were really his peers at the peak of his career."

Chris Jericho has already fought some of the best superstars that are in All Elite Wrestling right now and he continues to dominate AEW with his group called the Inner Circle.