AEW President Tony Khan Fires Backs at Fans

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AEW President Tony Khan Fires Backs at Fans

AEW President Tony Khan took time out to fire back at fans that criticized him on Twitter. This happened after AEW signed Ricky Starks to join the main roster. Ricky recently had a match with Cody Rhodes, who is one of the top superstars in All Elite Wrestling today.

"I signed Ricky tonight. He earned it on #AEWDynamite," Khan wrote. One fan wrote to other fans in a reply. He warned the other fans about what they were watching. The fan stated that although the product is good it is "for the wrestlers, by the wrestlers."

The fan specifically stated that Tony wrote 'I signed' not 'We signed' The following is the tweet:

AEW President Tony Khan Replies Back to Fans

'I signed' not 'We signed' Be aware of what you are watching.

Yes, it's a great product. Yes, it's better than WWE morally. But it is not the same product as All In. Be aware of what you are watching. 'For the wrestlers by the wrestlers', it is not." Tony actually defended this comment by saying that he is 100% transparent about how the company works.

He also made it clear that is 100% in control of the company. "We never said it's the same product," Khan wrote. "I'm transparent on how we work. We have a great group of execs in leadership roles, many are star wrestlers, & I work closely with them, & I'm accessible for all staff & wrestlers.

This isn't a public company, I'm in 100% control of everything" A fan asked whether Ricky was signed before or after his match with Cody Rhodes. Khan responded, "After. Legitimately. His performance on #AEWDynamite really did seal the deal in my eyes and on paper and in reality."

Tony Khan than spoke about his father getting a return on investment. Shad Khan actually invested in All Elite Wrestling and that is how the company got started. A fan actually called him out on that. Tony Khan stated that the deal with TNT was his father’s reward.

He wrote, "He gave me a big check to start the company. I knew we'd have to make a big investment in the business, it was a leap of faith on his part, & it was rewarded when we earned a multiyear tv contract worth >$175M.

Thanks for your response. It made me even prouder of what we've done." Tony Khan is not as active on Twitter as he is these days.