AEW Star Jon Moxley Pulled from AEW Dynamite Due to COVID-19

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AEW Star Jon Moxley Pulled from AEW Dynamite Due to COVID-19

All Elite Wrestling star, Jon Moxley was recently pulled from the recent Dynamite episode as he came into contact with people that could have the virus. He was doing to be part of the recent AEW Dynamite event that would air on TNT.

Jon Moxley is the current AEW World Champion. Jon Moxley was Dean Ambrose in WWE. He was a very famous superstar and he is a former WWE Champion as well. He was the person who was able to beat Chris Jericho to get the AEW World Title.

He has held the title ever since he beat Chris Jericho.

Jon Moxley Being Pulled from AEW Dynamite Event

Moxley will face the very talented Brian Cage at Fyter Fest. It was recently announced that Cage will be at AEW Dynamite and will be in action.

Tony Khan, the President of AEW noted that Moxley came into contact with someone who knew someone that had COVID-19. Moxley clearly told this to AEW and the AEW doctors told Moxley to stay away for some time and self-quarantine.

"Recently @JonMoxley had contact with someone who had COVID-19. Mox did the right thing & warned us. Doc asked him to stay home & get tested to protect us here at our test site. Cage will be in action tonight on #AEWDynamite ahead of their title fight," Khan tweeted.

Khan later added, "Jon Moxley can get slammed on a car, crawl through tacks & fall through the stage, but it's every bit as cool that he came forward & told us he'd had secondhand exposure to COVID. We test everyone here at #AEWDynamite, but Jon protected everyone onsite like the great champ he is" Jon Moxley is a former member of the very popular group called The Shield in WWE.

The Shield consisted of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley), and Seth Rollins. The group permanently split after Jon left WWE last year. The Shield had one last run before Jon left WWE and Seth Rollins went on to beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 to win the WWE Universal Title.

The WWE Universal Title was held by Lesnar before WrestleMania 35. Roman Reigns is still considered one of the best superstars in WWE right now. He is not active during the pandemic as he has a compromised immune system and it is extremely risky for him to work during these times.