Jim Ross on Giving Younger talents Advice

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Jim Ross on Giving Younger talents Advice

Legendary Wrestling Personality, Jim Ross recently spoke about Brian Cage and Taz being put together on the Busted Open Radio. Ross is currently working as AEW Senior Advisor. He is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the best wrestling commentators of all time.

He was offered the best deal of his life by AEW and he took it immediately. This Busted Open Radio show was recorded just before Fight for the Fallen. Ross revealed that many younger talents come to him for advice. He spoke about AEW not having tag topes anymore now.

Jim Ross on AEW Giving Advice to Young Talents

"Yes, I try to, and a lot of them come to me to ask questions. The issue is that not everyone listens," Ross stated. "We don't have tag ropes anymore because some in our crew thinks it's lame.

I think that's bulls--t. "Heels need rules to break. They need shortcuts. It's just common sense. It's basic human instincts. The villains, when they get outwrestled, they cheat. It's never changed. It's not going to change.

Most of them listen and are appreciative." Ross stated that many AEW producers try their best to help younger wrestlers. He then revealed what type of knowledge they give to their wrestlers. "I think some of our coaches are taking more ownership," Ross said.

"I'm always impressed with the knowledge that a guy like Dean Malenko or Jerry Lynn share with the talent because they're good communicators. They're not heavy-handed. They can be frustrated as well. Some guys, unless they think of it or if it's their own philosophy, don't believe you're accurate.

How can you not take advice from a guy like Jerry Lynn or Dean Malenko on psychology, pacing and timing?" "I tell young guys your job is a lot like being a stand-up comedian," Jim Ross stated. "Stand-up comedian takes the stage.

He tells a joke, and then the good ones wait for the laughter to let the audience process the joke. Slow down. Let them process. I think some guys just don't have the confidence in their game to work a hold, put them in a predicament, let them work out of it and let them work back into it. It's basic psychology."