GCW’s Owner Speaks about Joey Janela in AEW

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GCW’s Owner Speaks about Joey Janela in AEW

GCW’s owner Brett Lauderdale made an appearance on The Wrestling Inc. Daily and spoke about Joey Janela, who is a popular AEW star. Janela spent about 12 years of his life working for various indie wrestling promotions.

All Elite Wrestling is the first promotion that he came on national TV with. He made his AEW debut in 2019.

GCW Owner Talks about AEW Star Joey Janela

GCW is Game Changer Wrestling and is where Joey Janela actually made a name for himself.

Brett knows Janela very well and has kept an eye on his progression over the years. "Honestly it feels like a blur. It's all happened so fast and I'd like to tell you that it was maybe surprising in some ways, but in reality it wasn't.

We always knew Joey was a unique talent and he had a unique personality. Joey always had the traits and the characteristics and talent to be a superstar. It was just a matter of him being able to put them all together at the same time and the rest would handle itself," said Lauderdale.

"It's been great to watch him ascend and it's been great to be able to be a part of it. "Joey is very deserving and he put in the work. He's not new to wrestling and he was around for a long time before he got into the spotlight.

He was close to 10 years in in the local New Jersey indies before he got his break. He has paid his dues; he's learned the business from the bottom up. It's been great to watch him get what he deserves and hopefully he'll continue to grow as a performer, personality and star”.

Joey Janela has had a very smooth career so far in AEW. He had a few ups and downs and Janela stated in the past that he was losing momentum. Brett noticed the adjustments that Janela had to make to make sure he doesn’t end up at the bottom of the pile.

"Joey is very passionate and he's very emotional and sometimes the latter can be detrimental at times. Joey has never been a part of the corporate wrestling world before and this is his foray. This is the peak level of pro wrestling and it's different than the indies.

He's had to learn how it works on those levels and it's not the same as it does in our world," stated Lauderdale.