AEW Superstar Cody Rhodes on Underrated Wrestlers

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AEW Superstar Cody Rhodes on Underrated Wrestlers

AEW Superstar Cody Rhodes held a Q and A Session recently and spoke about the underrated wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling. Cody is all set to define his TNT Title against Warhouse. The match will take place at AEW Dynamite. He first spoke about how he is preparing for his match against Warhorse.

"Feverishly — like always. He's got a groundswell of support and buzz, that usually comes for good reason. Is he on my level? I don't think so. But I am not taking him lightly. I want to hold this belt until I retire.

1-time champ. #dothework"

Cody Rhodes Talks about Underrated Wrestlers

Cody then answered another question. The fan asked who Cody thought was the scariest wrestler. "Vader probably...The agility combined with such overwhelming power.

Lance has that special big-man quickness too." He was then asked about who he thinks are the most underrated wrestlers in the world ." Underrated and underutilized often get misconstrued and bundled together. So specifically 'underrated' — guys who don't get enough credit for their in-ring game...Spears and Claudio."

He then spoke about how challenging it is to run a company such as AEW, without comparing it to an already established promotion such as WWE. "It's new. It's unknown. Its also very aggressive in delivery and its marketing.

I think the late 90's template for the current situation is the only reference people have sometimes, but respectfully that ecosystem doesn't fit ours. This is very new territory & it's fan made." Cody Rhodes is a former WWE Wrestler.

He could never make it to the top of the WWE even though he is the son of legendary WWE Hall of Famer, Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes made a huge name for himself in professional wrestling and laid the foundations for the modern WWE age.

Cody Rhodes even teamed up with his brother, Dustin Rhodes, who is now part of All Elite Wrestling. Dustin Rhodes was known as Goldust and was the most bizarre character that WWE has ever created. Cody even portrayed the character called Stardust.

He eventually left WWE as he didn’t think he was getting enough recognition. After spending several years working for different indie promotions, and reaching the top of Ring of Honor, Cody went on to form All Elite Wrestling with Tony Khan. AEW’s Dynamite show is directly competing with NXT every Wednesday night.