Vickie Guerrero discusses her new role in AEW as Nyla Rose’s manager

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Vickie Guerrero discusses her new role in AEW as Nyla Rose’s manager

Vickie Guerrero returned to WWE in the episode of Raw on July 4, 2016, announcing her intentions to become the new General Manager of SmackDown after the return of the Brand Extension on July 19; however, she was escorted out of the arena by two security guards.

While being escorted out, Vickie met in the backstage of Dolph Ziggler, who denied knowing her. On January 28, 2018, she participated in the women's Royal Rumble by entering with the number 16 and being eliminated by the group consisting of Becky Lynch, Michelle McCool, Ruby Riott and Sasha Banks.

Afterwards, she attacked Carmella, who entered at number 17, hitting her with his briefcase of Money in the Bank. Speaking on the latest episode of her podcast, Vickie Guerrero discussed her new role in AEW as Nyla Rose’s manager.

Vickie Guerrero on Nyla Rose

“Yeah, you know, it’s funny you say that [that they “shocked the world”], because me and Nyla Rose, after we finished our segment and we introduced that I was her manager, you kind of go back to social media.

And you’re like, ‘Okay, what is the world thinking right now?’ And so, as we say, the temperature was really good. We had a lot of good feedback, the fans seem to be excited that I was her manager. And so was I.

I mean, just walking out to that stage. Before I did appearances. I was the cheerleader for the Inner Circle, and i did a commentating guest spot, and I was in the audience for AEW for Double or Nothing. And those were just easy, fun nights that I could just enjoy the product and not have any stress.

But I was pretty nervous all day. Because I really care about my work. And I care about highlighting Nyla and making this the best possible storyline for people to remember for that night" - Vickie Guerrero said. “I think it’s just.

being on [the Jericho] cruise, you’re surrounded by all the wrestling fans and you see the shows every night. And you know, me being from where I’ve been with WWE, your brain starts ticking and you start getting ideas.

And interviewing the women, you know, most of them were babies at the time except for Penelope. We had ref Aubrey on there, on the panel, Allie. And they all sort of had their own storyline going" - she added.