Cody Rhodes on Speaks About Tessa Blanchard

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Cody Rhodes on Speaks About Tessa Blanchard

Cody Rhodes, the famous AEW Executive Vice President, recently spoke about Tessa Blanchard and the various other free agents that All Elite Wrestling may sign in the near future. AEW has actually already signed multiple former AEW stars.

Some of them were extremely famous in WWE. "I think there are two free agents that are on a lot of people's radar, that being Miro (Rusev) and Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder)," Rhodes said. "Obviously, those free agents should be on any radar.

They have literally drawn money. They have TV experience. They have high-profile experience. They have locker room experience. The pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Cody Rhodes on Speaks About Tessa Blanchard

"Those are two great free agents.

I'm not going to go as far to say that if I had to sign anybody, those would be the two that I would sign. But I think they're great free agents. I think if they have the passion for pro wrestling, they're going to continue to succeed."

He admitted that he didn’t know about Tessa Blanchard and Impact Wrestling. According to various sources, Tessa is no longer part of Impact Wrestling after she made a no-show at a few events. "I don't know a lot about the current situation with her and Impact," Rhodes admitted.

"Tully, her father, is in AEW. That's more Kenny Omega, Brandi and Tony carving out the growing and evolving women's division. They'd have more of a beat on that. She was part of All In for us. And anyone who was part of All In has a place in my heart.

"On a personal level, I always want all the second and third-generation wrestlers to have the best experience. She has a lot, a lot of talent. I'm sure it's something Kenny, Brandi and Tony have discussed."

He also stated that AEW wants to give all of its superstars are a push and they can’t keep on signing people. "Here's the trick. We only have a two-hour show," Cody Rhodes noted. "And a lot of our roster hasn't even been fully realized or seen yet.

I want to make sure we honor individuals like that. If you bring in a good free agent, that means someone is going to lose a spot. That's just the reality of it. In my capitalistic, cold nature that I have, I actually don't mind that, because that makes everybody else step their game up.

But you do want to do it fairly and responsibly. The best wrestlers, no matter where they came from, you're going to want on your show."