Indie Legend Lance Storm on AEW Possibility

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Indie Legend Lance Storm on AEW Possibility

Lance Storm is an indie professional wrestling legend and he recently spoke about possibly joining All Elite Wrestling in the future. Lance Storm is a former WWE wrestler and has worked for numerous other promotions such as WCW and ECW.

Although he never got to the top of WWE, he is still one of the most respected indie wrestlers of the world. He even ran his own professional wrestling school that produced some awesome stars over the past few years. Lance Storm was actually working as a producer in WWE.

He was recently released as part of WWE’s budget cuts.

Indie Legend Lance Storm on AEW Possibility

"I got the phone call with the news and they said, 'We're letting people go. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring you back,'" Storm recounted.

He did get his pay for 90 days before he left. Storm stated that it was the first time he was unemployed since 1994. AEW Star Chris Jericho also spoke about Storm’s release and about how bad he feels for Storm. The storm actually closed his wrestling school before he joined WWE.

Storm stated that he wasn’t going to reopen his school. "I wrapped things up, I got out, and started on (some) new things," Storm said. "It was just on to something new and busy." He stated that he is open to returning to WWE.

He didn’t leave the company on bad terms according to him. "I'm certainly open to the idea (of returning) and was of the impression that that is a possibility," Storm explained, who lives in Canada. "But the border has to open up and (WWE) have to get back to running a full-time schedule with fans and traveling again before they're going to be in need of all of the producers again.

I can't imagine that that's going to be any time before 2021." Storm is also open to working with All Elite Wrestling or Impact Wrestling in the future. He stated that he would only work after the pandemic is over though.

"My family is not comfortable with me going to the U.S. and coming back and interacting with (other members of) my family, and that is not currently workable with any of the companies' models," said Lance Storm.

"Until it is safe for me to travel to and from the United States without having to quarantine, I won't be working in the U.S."