Ricky Starks on Being Compared to The Rock

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Ricky Starks on Being Compared to The Rock

Rocky Starks nearly spoke about his character and being compared to The Rock. The Rock was one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all-time. He was an extremely popular superstar during the Attitude Era. He was one of the reasons why people watched WWE during that time.

The Rock was also part of some of the most important storylines during the Attitude Era. He fought some of the best WWE wrestlers of all time. The Rock was a very charismatic and flamboyant wrestler in his early years.

Ricky Starks on Being Compare to The Rock

Many people have compared him to The Rock’s early character called Rocky Maivia.

Ricky wears a gold chain and looks like a movie star. Start recently stated that he does not think highly of the comparison. "This is how I dress. People are always like, 'Oh, he's trying to be like someone.'

No, that's how I like to dress. I like nice clothes and fashion," Starks told Fightful in an interview. Starks stated that modern wrestling fans do not mind seeing wrestlers in basketball shorts and not fancy apparel or shows.

"When they see someone like me, it goes against what they're used to seeing. It makes them go, 'Look, this dude looks wack because he's wearing Gucci slip-on shoes, with a Gucci belt, and a knit-top, and gold chain.'

I don't get why if someone dresses nice, why do you have to be The Rock?" Ricky then spoke about how performing in All Elite Wrestling is different when compared to NWA. He was a popular NWA wrestler, but AEW is larger that NWA at the moment.

"Nothing has changed for me that drastically. The only thing that has changed is there are more cameras to find and show off, look cool, and give nice poses to. Otherwise, I have been used to the whole wrestling production gig, even as an extra in WWE.

If anything, I would say AEW is more laid back than NWA and WWE," he said. Ricky Starks made his AEW Dynamite debut in June. He came out during Cody Rhode’s TNA Championship open challenge. He fought a few times on AEW Dark and he currently working alongside Brian Cage and Taz.