Chris Jericho makes significant contribution to the late Kamala's family

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Chris Jericho makes significant contribution to the late Kamala's family

That the former WWE champion, Chris Jericho, is a man with a heart of gold in real everyday life, is now a known thing, with AEW's Le Champion having in fact repeatedly demonstrated his greatness of soul giving several sums of money to unfortunately more unfortunate people than us, who at that moment were having a bad time in their lives, with the support of the former WWE wrestler who has literally saved someone's life several times.

Jericho is, in fact, one of the few wrestlers to be almost always present when it comes to donations to someone in need, with several examples that would demonstrate how selfless Y2J is, in moments like this, such as when he donated a large sum of money to the family of the late Shad Gaspard, former WWE wrestler who died only a few months ago drowned in the waters of Venice Beach.

There have also been other similar episodes where Jericho has stepped up to help.

Chris Jericho makes a large donation for Kamala's family as well

In the last few hours we have unfortunately also had to report the news of the death of the WWE legend Kamala, an athlete seen in the rings of the then WWF between the 80s and 90s, who was very famous at the time for playing the character of a Ugandan with a very particular facepaint, which could hardly be forgotten.

Following the death of the legendary wrestler at the age of 70, after countless diabetes-related health problems that had led to the former wrestler also having a leg amputated due to pressure problems related to illness, family and loved ones of the missing athlete unfortunately had to open a request for donations on the appropriate online site, appealing to the generosity of Kamala's fans and former colleagues, Chris Jericho intervened in this case too, who with a donation of $5,000 and immediately made the total sum jump towards the requested $25,000.

Scott D'amore, a well-known face in the world of wrestling, also made a substantial donation of another $2500 to Kamala's family. We also remember, that Chris Jericho had already donated another $5,000 to Kamala's family in April last year, when the fighter was about to lose his home, with the intervention of Y2J which was fundamental to avoid eviction of the former WWE ring giant, who had already been very ill.