Shawn Spears Talks About The Black Glove

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Shawn Spears Talks About The Black Glove

AEW Star Shawn Spears recently spoke about The Black Glove that he received from the legendary Tully Blanchard. The important of the Black Glove is not well known, but it actually is an extremely important item. Tully is playing a kind of ‘manager’ role and is managing Spears in AEW.

Tully’s career isn’t going very well at AEW ever since the pandemic as his manager has not been able to be with him at every show. Truly gave Spear The Black Glove which he spoke about on the Busted Open Radio.

Shawn Spears on Receiving the Black Glove

He first spoke about being given a chance to perform on TV, followed by the following statements: "So that means that some talent - you're going to have to wait your turn, if your turn comes.

So the black glove was introduced, obviously as a throwback. Like you said, Ole wore it, Windham wore it, DiBiase wore it. I'm glad you said that because now people are familiar with it. Google! Go back and watch the history of the black glove.

There's a reason that it's been brought back by a Horseman of all people. It's brought back for a reason, and the challenge in 2020, for me, is to get something that is 50-60 years old and bring that to prominence, or at least bring it to the forefront once again with very little television time.

"Normally, when someone is - I don't want to say saddled, but when you're given something to get over, or at least attempt to get over, usually there's some good backing behind it. Alright, well there's video packages, and there's vignettes, and there's television time, and all that kind of stuff.

There hasn't been a lot of that with the introduction of the black glove, which is a challenge that I enjoy. So, now I have to find ways in a digital world of social media and these other ways to collect information out there, I have a way to reintroduce something that has a rich lineage, and hopefully people can kind of get behind it.

Hopefully." Shawn Spears also stated that he is a monster in the ring and nobody can control him when he is inside the ring. "When the bell rings in between the ropes, I'm in charge. No one can touch me. That's my time, no one can touch me.

Behind the scenes, I'm not a Politicker. I have a very hard time telling somebody they're right when I feel they're wrong, and I have a very hard time telling somebody they're good when I feel they're not.

That's just me. I'm not disrespectful or unprofessional about it, but I'll always be honest, which is crazy in the wrestling world."