Chris Jericho teases retirement, talks about his ideal last match

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Chris Jericho teases retirement, talks about his ideal last match

Former WWE Champion and current AEW star Chris Jericho recently spoke about his possible retirement and how he wants to face his goodbye from the world of wrestling. The Canadian wrestler has revealed that he doesn't believe in farewell matches but would like his last fight to be special.

For this reason, Jericho wants to play his last fight with his longtime friend Lance Storm: together with these Jericho started his career in wrestling. At the same time the wrestler explained that, despite his 49 years, he has no intention of retiring in the short or medium term.

Here are his words: "For the farewell match surely many would like to participate and I will tell you, at the cost of losing 200 thousand dollars, I would like to finish my career exactly the same way I started it, that is against Lance Storm.

I am aware at the same time that the meeting might suck, but Lance is a great person. I'm 49 years old and I don't know when I'll retire, maybe I'll change my mind about it but I'd like this ending."

The latest on Chris Jericho in AEW

During one of his recent Saturday Night Specials, Chris Jericho talked about a possible future fight against world boxing legend Mike Tyson. Here are his words, linked above all to the postponement of this challenge: "He will have a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr.

on 12 September. Initially I was supposed to challenge him on September 5th but this clash reduced our chances. I finally understood, there is a lot of money at stake and so that's okay. I'm not going anywhere, we have another PPV in November and we'll see what happens.

I'm ready to kick his butt at any moment. I am not afraid of him and I tell you how I could tell him at any time." Going back to what he would like to do after retirement, Chris Jericho revealed that he would like to continue as a commentator or consultant for young talent.

In addition, of course, to work on tour with the Fozzy. Additionally Chris would continue to work on his shows such as the Saturday Night Special and Talk Is Jericho.