Cody Rhodes Responds to Jim Cornette’s Criticism

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Cody Rhodes Responds to Jim Cornette’s Criticism

Alongside its founder, Cody Rhodes is one of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) Executive Vice Presidents and he recently spoke about Jim Cornette’s criticism. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is still a very young promotion, but they have loads of money.

That is the reason why AEW managed to sign various wrestling superstars from all over the world quite easily. AEW even managed to beat NXT several times since the start of the Wednesday Night Wars.

Cody Responds to Jim's Criticism

That being said, AEW still has a set of people that absolutely dislike the product.

AEW focuses mainly on telling a story inside the ring and most AEW wrestlers perform acrobatic moves that many fans are not accustomed too. WWE has a very straightforward strong style which is something that casual fans enjoy watching.

AEW, on the other hand, caters to even the hardcore wrestling fans. Cody Rhodes himself is a former WWE Wrestler. He is the son of the legendary wrestling promoter, Dusty Rhodes. Cody never got to the top of WWE, and he started wrestling for various indie promotions after he left WWE.

He met Tony Khan and together they started All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Jim Cornette criticized AEW on several occasions. Jim has a huge set of fans and they listen to his podcast quite regularly. Cody revealed on social media that he has tremendous respect for Jim and that he did not mind what Jim said.

He also stated that fans should not take everything so literally. Cody's full tweet was the following, "I don't mind the cornette stuff. Guy was a total legend, but his stuff is parody and shock...some folks take it literally though.

I respect all the opinions, wrestling hasn't been discussed at this level in many years. Can't hate that. We are working to make the best show weekly." Chris Jericho, who is one of the top AEW stars, recently stated that he wishes to ban Jim permanently.

Jericho is working as a heel, so it could be a work. In other news, Cody Rhodes confirmed that Tony Khan does not want to bring Goldberg into All Elite Wrestling (AEW) as Jim stated that Tony actually wants to bring him in. Cody has not directly responded to Jim’s criticism yet.