Renee Young WWE’s Exit Confirmed

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Renee Young WWE’s Exit Confirmed

The very famous WWE backstage interviewer and former WWE Commentator, Renee Young will leave WWE. A few weeks ago, reports emerged that Renee Young will most likely quit WWE. Renee was also the host of the WWE Backstage, which is a show that used to take place on FS1.

Renee Young is extremely popular and there were even reports a few years ago that outlets such as ESPN were interested in hiring her.

Renee Young Quits WWE

Young is married to the popular former WWE Superstar Jon Moxley.

Jon Moxley was known as Dean Ambrose in WWE and was part of the heel group known as The Shield. The Shield turned babyface during their last few matches. Dean Ambrose was an essential part of The Shield and the group dissolved after Dean left.

Dean then became Jon Moxley and made his first appearance for All Elite Wrestling almost as soon as he quit WWE. According to Jon, he simply left WWE because he didn’t like WWE’s creative team. He just wanted a good storyline for his character.

As Young is married to Jon, there is a chance that we might see Young join All Elite Wrestling in the near future. The WWE is actually already worried about the existence of All Elite Wrestling. AEW is the only wrestling promotion in the world that has the money required to beat WWE.

They have already managed to hire multiple former WWE superstars. Some of the superstars that they have managed to sign include Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, and Jon Moxley. Young started her career in WWE as a backstage interviewer.

However, she quickly became extremely famous and was given the role of a color commentator. In many interviews, she stated that she was simply not happy with that role as she was not good at it. Young has a huge set of fans and WWE definitely took notice.

Over the years, she was given many prominent roles in the company. Eventually, she was hired to be the host of their FS1 show called WWE Backstage. This was quite a remarkable thing as WWE did have many others who could fit the role, but they chose Young.

Unfortunately, FOX pulled the plug and WWE Backstage does not air on FS1 anymore after the pandemic. WWE is already struggling and is not getting very good ratings. In fact, the low ratings have become a huge concern for WWE over the past few months.

The low ratings are also effecting the revenue that WWE generates. Losing Renee Young to AEW might also be another huge blow for the promotion.