Shawn Spears on Not Getting Featured on AEW

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Shawn Spears on Not Getting Featured on AEW

Shawn Spears is a popular All Elite Wrestling superstar and he recently spoke about not being featured on AEW as much as he used to after starting a feud with Cody Rhodes. Spears made an instant impact after his debut when he hit Cody with a huge chair shot that busted Cody open.

Cody had to get 13 staples to fix him. Spears recently spoke to Instinct Culture about All elite Wrestling and his role in the company. He spoke about not being in the spotlight anymore even though he believes he is the most well-rounded performer in the company.

Shawn Spears on Not Getting Featured on AEW

"I think in my time in AEW, I haven't been put in a very prominent position," Spears admitted. "I came in very high profile against Cody, which anybody in that spot is gonna be high profile when you're facing a guy like that but that was in a time when there was no AEW Dynamite yet that received a lot of attention.

Since then I think I have shown a lot of versatility...and I've proven that I am pound for pound the most well rounded performer AEW has. "I even put myself up against anybody on that roster," Shawn continued.

"In terms of being able to adapt to any situation on any given night, in any given moment and that just comes with nearly twenty years of experience and paying attention to the guys that I've tried to emulate throughout my career.

I also feel I've earned trust, because I believe in doing the right thing. I believe in professionalism and I believe in putting on the best possible match regardless of the scenario for our audience." The difference between AEW and WWE is a big one.

AEW gives its wrestlers creative freedom which is not what WWE does. The talent is really responsible for developing their characters and promos. Spears stated that it was a welcome challenge for him. "Coming in the door I heard that talent was gonna have creative freedom," Shawn Spears said.

"I heard they were pretty much gonna have to put everything on their shoulders, whether it was gonna succeed or fail. I thought, 'Okay well there is still gonna be some restrictions and some guidelines,' but there really isn't."