Matt Hardy discusses his cinematic match with Guevara

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Matt Hardy discusses his cinematic match with Guevara

In WWE, Matt Hardy has won the World Tag Team Championship seven times (with Jeff Hardy), the Raw Tag Team Championship three times (with Bray Wyatt, Jeff Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter) and once each the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (with Jeff Hardy), the ECW Championship, the United States Championship, the European Championship, the Cruiserweight Championship and the Hardcore Championship; he also won the André the Giant Memorial Trophy in 2018.

TV Insider and Scott Fishman recently interviewed AEW wrestler Matt Hardy ahead of his tables match on Thursday’s episode of AEW Dynamite against Sammy Guevara. Hardy revealed that there were originally plans to have a cinematic match with Guevara.

Matt Hardy on his cinematic match with Guevara

“In all actuality, when we first started doing all that, the original plan, I think, was to have the cinematic match with Sammy. I challenged Jericho, but the idea was for it to get pushed off to Sammy.

Things went differently when North Carolina and other states went into lockdown. There was this six-week period where AEW literally survived on a day or two of shooting footage, which was pretty amazing. They did an incredible job.

Kudos to the crew. We had to change course in many ways. From the very beginning, I was going to end up having a feud with Sammy, and Jericho was my bridge to get to that. As far as the Hardy Compound fight with Sammy, that may happen one day.

We’ll see. One of the things I can tell from watching their match with FTR is more aggression. I stressed to them that you have to believe you can fight and believe you’re an athlete that can kick someone’s ass.

That is something they’ve incorporated since we started working together. I’m proud they are doing that because the more they do, the more high-flying moves will stand out" - Matt Hardy said. On taking the social media audience into account, he added: “I definitely listen to the majority of the audience.

It’s weird in that my audience is very split. A lot of them are die-hard “Broken” Matt Hardy fans. Then there is a huge amount of wrestling fans, which AEW has done a great job of getting back. These fans like the serious pro-wrestling content and crave more of the “Regular” Matt Hardy.

I try to aim more at being “Regular” Matt Hardy and still incorporate elements of “Broken”. My goal, I said this in a promo, and was honest in saying it, but I hoped I could have brought “Broken” Matt Hardy in front of live crowds.

It would have almost been an attraction. Then, I could still also help the next generation backstage. But, I felt I was at a point where I needed to pull more of the weight and be a serious act and contribute as much as I can for our fanbase. That’s what I’m [trying to do] currently”.