Eddie Kingston on what makes AEW special, on his mother's influence, and WWE

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Eddie Kingston on what makes AEW special, on his mother's influence, and WWE

In the latest episode of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Unrestricted, Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone interviewed wrestler Eddie Kingston. Kingston told several anecdotes about his experience in All Elite Wrestling, clarified the reason for the hatred towards Dairi Queen, he told why he loved ECW and many other anecdotes.

With more and more wrestlers like Kingston opting to go to work with AEW instead of WWE, the popularity of the largest wrestling federation seems to have come down in the last few months. Let's see what Kingston has had to say further about his choices.

The words of Eddie Kingston, in his interview

The All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) wrestler analyzed by speaking like this: "Cody? I guess he didn't have a wrestler that really put pressure on him and that when it happened he would get up.

That was what I wanted to explain from the start. That promo was setting up Cody to beat me and make people see him as a pretty tough guy. Sometimes people didn't appreciate how I behaved against him, but the reality is that I was doing my job great and that is why I was signed in the end.

At the moment I still consider myself a wrestler of the independent scene and, even if I am no longer, my heart will always remain there. When I go to Twitter to see new followers I say, 'Hey, look at this guy from the indie scene.'

"I'm also trying to help them because I've never had anyone to help me. Sometimes I'm not comfortable with my job, but I always give my best. I remember seeing the Lucha Brothers often because we would be in shows together and so I understood their way of fighting."

Finally, the wrestler revealed the reason why he signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW): "The reason I'm here is my mother. I am a "mama's boy "and I always listen to what she tells me. His opinion is very influential.

for me, it also happened with girls." Eddie Kingston finally said, "My mom knows me better than anyone, she told me I wouldn't be happy in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and said that within three weeks I would be fired.

I thought, well then I'm going to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and she told me it was fine. I can say that my mother was the deciding factor."