Miro Admits That He Is Concerned About Lana

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Miro Admits That He Is Concerned About Lana

Miro, the new All Elite Wrestling superstars recently spoke about being concerned for his wife Lana who is still in WWE. Miro was known as Rusev in WWE. Rusev was at one time one of WWE’s top heels. He was without a doubt one of the best superstars that WWE had.

He even had a big feud with John Cena, who was the face of WWE at that time. Miro was released as part of WWE’s budget cuts after the pandemic. That being said, many people were surprised when they saw that Miro’s name was in the list of superstars that were released.

Miro Admits That He Is Concerned About Lana

Miro appeared on the Busted Open Radio and stated that he is concerned about his wife. Miro also explained that he is looking for a fresh start. "You gather feelings over the years and if I'm on Twitch, I'm usually always positive," Miro said.

"I never talked bad about somebody, just because don't stone anybody. We've all done bad stuff, right? It's just a certain time you put your heart and soul into certain things and you just don't feel like it's coming to fruition for one reason or another.

It was just so disheartening over the years. I had to - and thankful for Chris [Jericho], I didn't have to - but I went and saw Chris before that. I told him kind of my idea and he's like, 'Oh you should say that about the brass ring'

I'm like, 'No, do I ask for permission? Do I ask for forgiveness after?' He's like, 'No dude, you don't have to ask for anything. You just go ahead and do it. It's a good promo.' I was so shocked because I'm so used to different styles."

He then spoke about Lana probably getting mistreated in WWE. "Absolutely, but at the same time, I feel like they [WWE] should be professional and they should treat it as what it is and it's nothing personal," Miro said.

"They always say it's nothing personal, it's a business. Hopefully they do treat it as nothing personal, it's a business because that's what it is and I just hope that it won't hurt her and I really do hope and I've been thinking about this for a long time.

It's definitely something on the back of my mind, but I know and I pray that everything will be fine because I feel like we should definitely move on. It's 2020 for Christ sakes."