Booker T's thoughts on Miro joining AEW

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Booker T's thoughts on Miro joining AEW

In the last few weeks, one of the most shocking events in pro-wrestling has certainly been the arrival of Miro (who went by the ringname Rusev in WWE) in All Elite Wrestling. After bidding farewell to the Stamford-based federation, Miro had said he wanted to definitively close with the world of wrestling and his return to the federation of Tony Khan surprised everyone.

During his debut Miro amazed with an incredible intro and many fans but also WWE superstars commented on his return to wrestling. The Hall of Famer WWE Booker T also commented on the wrestler's debut.

Booker T's words on Miro's debut in AEW

In the recent podcast Reality of Wrestling Booker T spoke thus about Miro's debut, a debut that left even the well-known Hall of Famer amazed.

Booker T said he was very curious to see what will happen in the coming weeks. Here are his words about it: "I think Miro has missed the opportunity to criticize WWE. I am in his shoes, I am coming out of the federation that is chasing me and I have to do something to add fuel to the fire, I have to get noticed.

I make noise and then surely there will be a queue with companies ready to pick me up. So I guess he missed a great chance. Young wrestlers need to understand that you have to capture the moment and understand it clearly. Take me for example I left WWE and went straight to TNA.

I wasn't talking about WWE at that moment, I thought I didn't need it at all and I always thought that I speak of another company only and when it can be useful to me, this is the mistake that in my opinion Miro made."

Many insiders and wrestlers have commented on Miro's arrival in AEW and among these, there is also the former WWE, now in AEW, Chris Jericho. Through his YouTube channel Y2J commented: "I think it's great to have him here, we had a lot of discussion about having Miro here a few months ago, even before he was released.

The only thing we were still thinking about was we have to have the right spot for him and I can say that he is the Best Man."