Adam Page on Getting an AEW World Title Shot

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Adam Page on Getting an AEW World Title Shot

Adam Page is a popular AEW superstar and he recently spoke about getting his AEW World Title Shot. Adam Page is also part of The Elite, a group that consists mostly of AEW Executive Vice Presidents. Adam Page recently appeared on Wrestling Inc.

and he promoted his book. "I grew up on a farm, tobacco farm. We had cattle as well," Page stated. "So, in many ways, I am a literal cowboy. I grew up working with cows and stuff like that, but I think just kind of the the mythos of what the American Cowboy is and to me, it's not necessarily about cows or horses.

It's not about boots and spurs. It's about kind of the sense of trying to figure out who you are [and] where you belong in the world and how difficult, often, that journey is. That to me is the story of what a cowboy is, and maybe I kind of have always seen that in myself [and] in my life."

Adam Page on Getting A Title Shot

The host of the show noted that Page received a lot of praise from his fellow The Elite members. They then spoke about the first ever AEW World Title match. Adam Page fought Chris Jericho that night for the title.

Page admitted that he didn’t feel like he earned that opportunity as he got his title shot by winning the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing. Jericho got his title shot after he beat Kenny Omega for it. "I think about how we got to the first ever title match, and Chris Jericho got there by beating the best wrestler in the world at the time and I might say now as well, Kenny Omega" Page said.

"And I got there by getting to enter into a battle royal dead last and eliminating a lot of people who were largely kind of unknown, under known [or] under successful, maybe. So even our paths to the title match didn't feel equal.

I never felt like I earned it, maybe, in the same way that Chris Jericho did, and then getting to be in that title match, obviously, is huge opportunity. And it's one that I blew, so here we are." Adam Page is still one of AEW’s most valuable superstars, although he is not part of any big storyline at the moment. He is also one of the most experienced wrestlers in the roster.