Vickie Guerrero on Working with Tony Khan

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Vickie Guerrero on Working with Tony Khan

Vickie Guerrero recently spoke about how working for Tony Khan is different than working for Vince McMahon. She appeared on Ryback’s podcast to talk about it. Guerrero opened up by speaking about working for Vince McMahon in WWE.

"Well, I think the relationship between me and Vince started with Eddie when he was alive, and so, Vince really took us on as a-- he kind of felt like he was our dad because he really helped Eddie through many things that were going on in WWE.

And Vince was there when Eddie passed away," Guerrero explained. "So, Vince and I always had a great relationship as far as like a father figure because he was great. I mean, if you can meet him outside of the wrestling industry, he's just a wonderful person to talk to."

Vickie Guerrero On Working for Tony Khan

"So, I've known Vince for almost 20 years. He's been in our family for a long time, but the thing with Vince and WWE is as a superstar, you never saw Vince in the hallway to be able to-- you saw him come through the hallway, but he was on a mission with 20 people around him and he was just on his way."

She then spoke about working in AEW with Tony Khan. She stated that she can talk to Tony easily. Tony can also have a casual conversation with other staff members. "The difference in AEW with Tony Khan is Tony is this fan who you can find in the hallway, sitting at a table, talking to 10 superstars," Guerrero said.

"And with AEW, after a show, Tony provides food for us after we work. So, we go back to the hotel and Tony has catered food for us, and you'll find Tony coming into that room where you're eating. "And he's just sitting there, talking like, 'Hey!

How did it go tonight?' We're just bullsh--ing with each other, and he just wants to know who you are. And I haven't gotten to know Tony really a lot, because now that I'm really working, it's busier."

"But, Tony's everywhere in that arena," Vickie Guerrero stated. "I mean, he's on the stage, he's in the ring, and when we're on tape, he comes out and he's telling everyone, 'Man, you guys are great tonight!

I love the cheering!' And he is always pushing us; he cares about us. I'm not saying Vince doesn't, but Tony's in front of me probably 70% of the time during the day, where you can find him standing there, watching the monitor of the show, or you can find him backstage, calling the match or whatever. It's just so different, and Tony will provide functions for us.