Cody Rhodes Praised AEW Superstar Chris Jericho

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Cody Rhodes Praised AEW Superstar Chris Jericho

Cody Rhodes recently praised legendary professional wrestler Chris Jericho. Jericho is a former WWE star and he was the first ever WWE undisputed champion. Jericho will celebrate his 30-year anniversary at AEW Dynamite. Before the episode, Cody Rhodes praised Chris Jericho, who is also a former AEW World Champion.

In fact, he was the first ever AEW World Champion.

Cody Rhodes Praises Legendary Wrestler Chris Jericho

"Chris Jericho celebrates 30 years in our game!" Cody wrote. "Congratulations Chris. He undoubtedly is a crucial piece of the great puzzle that makes up AEW.

There's no denying that. AEW simply doesn't happen without him. His ability on the microphone, his abilities in the ring, and his attitude have helped countless wrestlers and entertained millions. "We may not be the best of friends...or even friends at all...but he's challenged me to be a better competitor and a better executive.

'Thank you for challenging me' is one of the last texts I have from him; let's continue to challenge each other and help build this culture and better our wrestling world. Happy 30, Chris!" Chris Jericho has already fought some of the best AEW wrestlers in his short time there.

He fought at the first ever AEW PPV and he won his match. His first match in AEW was against the legendary indie wrestler Kenny Omega. In fact, Tony Khan, current CEO and President of AEW, thought about starting his own wrestling promotion after he saw Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho’s first fight at NJPW.

The first fight did extremely good business all around the world. Chris Jericho started his career more than 25 years ago at WCW. He was never a big star at WCW, and only fought in the mid-card. During the attitude era, he made the jump to WWE.

At WWE he became a huge star. He was also part of several important storylines, even the famous Invasion angle. The invasion angle was one of the most important storylines in WWE’s history. It was basically the end of ECW and WCW for good.

Chris Jericho has spent most of his professional wrestling career in WWE. In WWE, he fought the best wrestlers, including The Rock, Stone Cold and Triple H. He also fought some of the best wrestlers that are still working for WWE.

He fought Kevin Owens in his last big feud in WWE. His appearance in WWE was at the Greatest Royal Rumble event about 2 years ago.