Jim Ross on Twitter Comments that Criticize his Commentary

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Jim Ross on Twitter Comments that Criticize his Commentary

The legendary professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross recently spoke about the Twitter comments that criticized his commentary. Jim Ross spoke about it on his podcast. Jim Ross used to be a WWE commentator. He has called some of the most important wrestling matches of all time.

Jim Ross is currently working for All Elite Wrestling as a commentator and as a senior advisor.

Jim Ross on Twitter Comments

Jim Ross first spoke about the comment that stated that Ross is “killing” the show with his commentary.

"The guy has a right to his opinion first of all," Ross said. "I'm not pissed at him; he's meaningless to me. But the issue is, he had to tag in Tony. Tony Khan reads his tweets, especially on those taped show nights.

He's all over the damn thing. [The person tweeting] knows Tony is going to read it in hopes of making me look bad. "There's where I get an issue. To your ears, I did suck. If I did, I'll do better. You're going to single out Tony to make sure Tony hears that a fan had a negative reaction to my work? I thought that was pure chicken s--t.

It's just amazing to me the society we live in." Ross then commented on what would happen if he felt he was embarrassing himself. He also stated that his passion for professional wrestling is still there. "The day that I embarrass myself, that I can't keep up or articulate what we're seeing, when I can't process the stories talents are telling, [I'll quit]," Jim Ross said.

"To talk about somebody's effort, or that they don't have any passion, how the hell can you say that? Are you just that God d--n stupid that you believe that somebody that's been in the business since the 70s has completely lost his passion? Does he f--king not realize this is my God d--n life? For somebody to tell me on Twitter that I've lost my passion is total horse sh--.

It kind of hurts your feelings. It just pisses you off. If you want to express yourself as a fan, have at it. But when you're getting personal, don't go there. I think these people would say things on Twitter that they never ever would say to your face."