Jon Moxley talks retirement, his future in the wrestling world

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Jon Moxley talks retirement, his future in the wrestling world

Jon Moxley is certainly among the main protagonists of All Elite Wrestling and will be attending the one-year anniversary of the AEW Dynamite program and has no intention of letting it finish anytime soon. During an interview on microphones with Reel Talker, Moxley dealt with various topics and in particular his relationship with the Chairman of the federation Tony Khan.

The two are certainly on good terms, and the former Dean Ambrose has praised the work of the world's second most successful wrestling promoter.

Jon Moxley's words on the relationship with Tony Khan

Jon Moxley made the following statements: "What they managed to do during the pandemic is impressive.

I became great friends with Tony Khan who is a great guy and the most successful promoter outside of Vince and especially in recent years. We have been creating a great group and we have overcome the challenge of this pandemic.

I am incredibly proud of all the work we have done in All Elite Wrestling." In addition to this the wrestler also talked about his career. Moxley is having a great time and has thus answered the question of when he will hang up his "boots"

Here are his words: "I would like to fight in a wrestling ring until I am 50, at least I hope so. What does all this mean? Well, I don't know. But I would like to stay in All Elite Wrestling forever, this is my home and I want to stay there until the end.

He has done so much for me and I have also done so much to help him build this work and solidify it as a legitimate alternative in the world of wrestling. I believe it is vital for the Wrestling industry that All Elite Wrestling is successful and I hope that will never change.

I have loyalty to people who treat me well and Khan has treated me very well indeed." Jon Moxley is currently only 34 years old and at this rate he should have no problem working up to 50 in the world of wrestling. This could be an achievable goal but at the moment the athlete, Moxley who has been reigning as the AEW Champion for several months, has many goals to reach and will do everything to continue to achieve them.