Arn Anderson Comments on Roman Reigns Heel Turn

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Arn Anderson Comments on Roman Reigns Heel Turn

Arn Anderson is a former professional wrestler and he recently commented on Roman Reigns turning heel. Arn Anderson used to be a famous tag team wrestler and he now works for All Elite Wrestling. Arn runs his own show where he speaks about various wrestling related topics.

Arn believes that Roman Reigns is a natural heel. He stated that Reigns should have been a heel from day one.

Arn Anderson on Roman Reigns Turning Heel

"Well, I've said before that Roman should have been a heel from the first day The Shield were hired or utilized, or whatever you want to say, by Hunter as his hit squad," Arn said.

"He should have never been anything but that kick a-- Samoan killing machine. That's who he is and that's how he's going to get even better than he is right now because he's going to be allowed to be himself.

And putting words in his mouth and having him be something that he's not was a mistake with Roman. "It's crystal clear who he is and who he should've been from day one," Arn added. "Paul Heyman is also a guy that even though a lot of people in the industry now-- the curtains pulled back a little bit, and they respect him as far as his ability to cut a promo and get you revved up for the upcoming match.

Paul has a lot of skills, and a lot of history, and a lot of knowledge, and he's very unlikeable as well, and I think he will make it easier for Roman to be an unlikeable figure." Arn then spoke about what he believes is the worst match of his career.

According to him his match against Renegade at The Great American Bash in 1995 was the worst match of his career. He believes that match stood out and there was nothing that he could do to make it presentable. "Probably the Renegade match," Arn Anderson admitted.

"It just stunk and I couldn't fix it; there's no way I could fix it. It just was not good and it wasn't going to get good, and the longer it went - the poor audience. They figured out pretty soon it was going to be a stinker. That's one I was not able to save, or fix, or even make presentable."