Chris Jericho Comments on Tony Khan’s Passion

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Chris Jericho Comments on Tony Khan’s Passion

Chris Jericho is one of the top All Elite Wrestling superstars in the world right now and he recently spoke about Tony Khan’s passion. Jericho is one of the most popular former WWE superstars that joined AEW. Not many people knew that Jericho would join AEW when it launched.

Although Jericho has played a huge part in getting AEW to where it is now, he stated Tony Khan actually helped AEW succeed. He stated that AEW succeeded because Tony Khan is very passionate.

Chris Jericho on Tony Khan's Passion

"I'd never been in Impact, or I never went to Ring of Honor and never left [WWE].

When I left the company, I didn't wrestle and that was my thing," Jericho recalled. "I'm not going to wrestle anywhere but for Vince McMahon, until I didn't, and that's where everything started changing for me.

So yeah, I mean, it's one of those things where it's really cool to be in this position to know that we have a really killer company that's got the cool factor to it, and we're really only just beginning. "They think, 'Oh, it's been a year.

How much further can they go?' There's so many ideas, and camaraderie, and teamwork, and people working together, and there really isn't any sneaky behind each other's back, and whenever there is a little bit of that, we stuff it.

We kill it because we don't want that environment in our company. We've come from that - we've all dealt with that for years, and we don't want that in AEW. We don't have that, so our boss is great. He's super passionate, he's very smart to the business, he's not a money mark as people might have thought.

He doesn't bow down easily. So, I appreciate that. It's great to know who the boss is, and Tony Khan is the boss. He has the final say”. Chris Jericho was the first ever AEW World Champion. He fought Adam Page for the title.

He won the title and kept it for a long time before losing it to Jon Moxley, who was called Dean Ambrose in WWE. Jericho is currently the leader of the heel group called The Inner Circle. Jericho is still part of some main AEW storylines and continues to wrestle the best AEW wrestlers.