Chris Jericho on AEW’s Creative Process vs WWE’s Creative Process

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Chris Jericho on AEW’s Creative Process vs WWE’s Creative Process

Chris Jericho is a former Undisputed WWE Champion and one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world. He is currently working for All Elite Wrestling and he is one of their top stars. In fact, he was the first AEW World Champion.

Chris Jericho spoke about AEW’s creative process. He stated in WWE everything had to go through Vince McMahon. Jericho stated that he can use his creativity in AEW and AEW allows him to say things that he couldn’t say in WWE.

Chris Jericho on AEW's Creative Process

"WWE, they always have to go through a system of Vince and then whoever's in Vince's ear last, which might change his mind for something you just said earlier. There's still a lot of sneaky, stinky political machinations there," Jericho explained.

"Here at AEW, I'm expected to do that, and I'm expected to come up with s--t. I'm expected to give my opinions. I'm expected to do what I can to make the show better, knowing that everything I'm coming up with comes from that attitude.

So, 'a little bit of the bubbly', I don't know. They might have re-cut it, or they would be given me some script that maybe Vince doesn't like that phrase or doesn't know what 'Dumb or Dumber' is, or doesn't care, and that was not a script.

"The idea was you come from the backstage, you go into this room, you take the champagne, you spray it all over the backstage employee. Well, the problem was, there's f--k ups with sound and camera. I had to do that four or five times.

I was getting pissed off. I was like, 'I don't like this. I'm a one-take guy', and doing it four or five times - my improv lines, which are hilarious the first time you say them - when you say them three or four times, it becomes like, 'Oh my gosh, it's not even funny anymore.'

So, we did it. It's the last one. Chris Jericho said, "When I finally got the dress, I was so excited that I remember seeing the deli train. To me, the big joke of that bit was a smile attack joke. I mean, 'Look at this deli train!

Who's in that? Nobody. This little guy in there with the olive', and I thought I was so entertaining myself, and 'there's a little bit of the bubbly' No one paid attention to the Spinal Tap/Nigel Tufnel reference, they just went right to the bubbly and somebody made a meme.

I think the first one was a terrible song of Mambo No. 5, and they posted a meme like that or GIF - whatever you call it - video on Twitter, and when I see that sort of stuff, I always jump on it, retweet, and say, 'Hey, this is great.' If you make your own, send it in and maybe I'll retweet it."