Big MLW Star Mance Warner Not Allowed to Sign for AEW

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Big MLW Star Mance Warner Not Allowed to Sign for AEW

MLW star Mance Warner was not allowed to sign for All Elite Wrestling recently. All Elite Wrestling has been very indie-friendly ever since it launched about a year ago. All Elite Wrestling is led by Tony Khan and is financed by Shad Khan, who is a billionaire.

Many people believe that AEW is the only wrestling promotion in the world that will be to beat WWE one day. At the moment, AEW is competing against NXT every Wednesday night. Many people have dubbed this the Wednesday Night Wars.

Big MLW Star Mance Warner on Not Being Allowed to Sign for AEW

AEW usually beats NXT in ratings. However, AEW still needs a lot of star power to compete with WWE’s big brands. WWE’s biggest brands are of course RAW and Smackdown.

RAW and Smackdown still has the world’s most famous professional wrestlers working for it. AEW is full of famous indie stars. Many indie stars from different and well-known promotions sometimes compete at various AEW events, even if they are not full-time AEW stars.

Mance Warner recently competed in AEW dark, even though he is not officially a part of AEW. He is still an MLW wrestler. Warner spoke about his appearance on His current deal with MLW prevents him from signing a deal with AEW.

He was only allowed to perform at AEW Dark due to the pandemic. Warner will most likely be a part of "Restart" TV tapings that will be done by MLW. MLW will star programming again this month after a 8 month hiatus due to the pandemic.

That being said, Mance Warner is trying his best, reportedly, to get out of his current MLW deal. AEW are, reportedly, 100% interested in signing Warner and making him a full-time AEW star. Brian Pillman Jr. is another AEW star that recently started wrestling for AEW.

Pilman is still under an MLW contract, but was allowed to wrestle for AEW due to the pandemic. Pillman explained this by saying: "I think my contract restricts WWE and NXT and that's it. They [MLW] know that I know what I'm not allowed to do and sooner or later I'm sure we'll try to come to an agreement where MLW can release me," he said back in August.