Matt Jackson on Match with FTR and His Injuries

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Matt Jackson on Match with FTR and His Injuries

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks recently fought the team FTR at AEW Full Gear and he recently spoke about the match and his injuries. Many people wanted to see the Young Bucks take on FTR and the match finally took place. Matt Jackson was the one that picked up the victory for his team.

He finished the match by pinning Cash Wheeler for the victory after landing a superkick. "Is this the biggest thing we've ever done? Yeah, I think so. It's definitely the most proud I've ever been," Matt said.

Matt then spoke about what the AEW Tag Team Champion will do next.

Matt Jackson on Facing FTR in the Ring

"It's to keep these championship belts, obviously," Nick said. "We want to have a hell of a tag run, so we don't want to lose them."

"We don't want it to be a fluke," Matt said. "Like, we had a great match, we won 'em, and then nobody remembers our run. Now it's time to put in the work." Matt revealed that they have bigger plans in mind for the future.

"When we started this company and helped build this company, we always said tag team wrestling could be the main event. We proved that tonight," Nick said. "That's probably one more goal that we would like to do, is to make the next pay-per-view, or whenever, the next Dynamite, a massive tag title match."

"I think clearly we should have a big main event, and after tonight, there's a big rematch down the line," Matt said. Nick Jackson then joined the conversation. He had high praise of FTR, who is a former WWE tag team.

The Young Bucks stated that the experience of facing them in the ring was wonderful. "FTR, those guys are machines," Nick said. "And it was surreal being in the ring with those guys. It was like an out-of-body experience wrestling those guys."

"They were aggressive and hard-hitting," Matt Jackson said. "I told Nick afterwards they reminded me a lot of back in the day when we would work guys like Roderick Strong, and the Briscoes, and Claudio (Cesaro), and Chris Hero.

It's the same rugged, smash-mouth style." Meanwhile, Nick said, "They're probably the best tag team I've ever been in the ring with."